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Le cimetière des marionnettes / The puppet cemetery

Regista / Film director: Elena Molina
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Spagna, Burkina Faso
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2014
Paese/Country: Spagna
Durata/Length: 15'
Genere: doc/video arte

After dedicating his whole life to puppets, Desirée has had to abandon them for a while. However his friend Fabe, among her various jobs has decided to create her own puppet performance to teach children how important it is to attend school. A cemetery of puppets in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is the starting point of this story full of dreams and aims.


Regista / Film director: Sandrine Deumier
Paese di produzione / Production Country: France
Original music : Philippe Lamy
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2015
Durata/Length: 14:51
Genere: Animation

 Alter ego and its ambiguities. The question of the double in light of the multiplication of the identity established by our digital behavior. "GogatsuByo" - the place of ego as a stretchable zone. In “GogatsuByo”, an avatar based on the artist is in permanent conversation with its reflection in moments of demise — a contemporary nod to the Greek Narcissus myth and the virtual narcissistic culture of today’s social media. The artists play with numbers, computer interfaces, and word commands accompanied by an electronic soundtrack.



Regista / Film director: Thomas Lisle
Paese di produzione / Production Country: UK
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2016  
Durata/Length: 8 mins
Genere: Sperimentale / experimental   

It's about a new way of thinking and using paint and brush stroke in the digital and time-based 21st-century world of art. Digital brush strokes have all sorts of possibilities to transform, and be 'driven' by other information. This art work is also concerned with the timeless subject of the human figure and how it can be represented and evolve together with the subconscious or a deeper level of consciousness and how it can change. The motif of psychological change in the art work is in reference to Karl Jung's theory of the Anima, the inner feminine side in man and Animus, the inner masculine side of women. Jung identified 4 stages of development of the Anima and Animus, all of which are represented in the video.


Regista / Film director:  Duygu Nazlı Akova
Paese di produzione / Production Country:  Turkey
Anno di produzione/ Production year:    2016
Durata/Length:  03’11’’
Genere: video arte / art video

In Greek mythology, during the chaotic times of the first godly beings before the cosmos was formed, Gyes was one of the three sons of Gaia and Uranus who had one hundred arms and fifty heads. The first of this video art trilogy which represents the three giant names of mythology - Gyes (terror) Kottos (anger), Brianos (strength) – is Gyes; present in the world on a major scale, and represented in Turkey, especially in Istanbul as an image through the horrific point urban transformation, changing living spheres and unjust living conditions have reached. Today, Istanbul has become a giant construction site where the terrifying reflections of the applied urban politics can be seen through the disappearance of ethnic identities, and the gap in the living conditions of individuals.  These terrifying images of the new living spaces are part of the utopic world aimed to be created through the process of modernization, turning into the fantastic dystopic hero Gyes, which has the scary potential to take over the world in the future.


Ponpoko Mountain
Regista / Film director Takayuki Yoshidaù
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Japan
 Anno di produzione/ Production year:   2016
 Durata/Length:  10min, HD, 16:9, B&W

A Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, once said: “who is no longer a child is no longer an artist”. A “ponpoko mountain” is an air playground equipment of white color, which is set at a park in Japan. It is a trampoline like a snow mountain and children are playing on its top. This short film expresses a “harmony” between the color of white and children in the unique landscape where there are domed curves, by using a combination technique of moving and still images. Although nature creates sensual curved lines while humans create inflexible straight lines, the curve lines of this playground equipment are created by humans and they attract me. It is also an homage to the Robert Flaherty’s documentary film “Nanook of the North”, which expresses a “harmony” between the white color of snow field and children of Inuit in the landscape where there are domed curves of igloo. It is a scene, I believe, that has been long forgotten in the history of moving image.

Regista / Film director MOISES PEREZ
Paese di produzione / Production Country: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2016
Durata/Length: 5 Minutes
Genere: Sperimentali / experimental

Social responsibility begins with oneself. This film brings awareness about the use and abuse of toxic substances. A guy uses LSD one more time, but what he doesn’t know is that this would be the last time he does it.



Regista / Film director Louis Fried
Paese di produzione / Production Country: GERMANY
Anno di produzione/ Production year:   2015
Durata/Length:  05:33min
Genere: Sperimentali / experimental

Dear G., the city is nice, the weather so-so. As soon as it gets a little milder, the cranes in the harbour start singing their same old song. U would like it.



Regista / Film director: Emilia Izquierdo
Paese di produzione / Production Country: UK
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2016
Durata/Length: 4 mts
Genere/section: video arte / art video

BlindLight / WhiteNoise (2016) is a video loop that explores todays blurry divide between nature and technology, creation and destruction. Using cosmic and terrestrial events it explores how technology affects the way we see and understand the world interchanging between the tactile touch and the digital touch.


Refugee Camp

Regista / Film director : Saeed Naghavian
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Iran
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2016
Durata/Length: 00:01:44
Genere/section: Sperimentali / experimental                          

Immigration? Yes or no?
In Search of a better life...
Is there another way? Please wait...
*** In this innovative low-tech film, the complicated issue of refugees is made simple. An exploration of war, immigration, and humanity. ***.

 Джазовый этюд / Jazz Etude

Regista / Film director: Elena Gladkova
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Russia
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2014
Durata/Length:  8 min   
Genere/section: video musicali / music video

The musicians come to the orchestra rehearsal. The instructor throws one of them out for not showing the proper respect and concentration. In replay, the rest of the orchestra begins playing without the instructions of the conductor

Vegetation Walk / Una passeggiata   

Registe / Film directors: Anouk Chambaz & Julija Paskeviciute
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Switzerland, Lithuania, Luxembourg  
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2016
Durata/Length: 07’20
Genere/section: video arte / art video

To-do list on the walk:
-enter the wild vegetation
-make a path, not intentional but unintentionally intentional -film
-have lunch mid-way
 « I guess what you take away from the animality of the body you add to the beauty of the mind »

Four Years of Miller – the First Year

Regista / Film director: Ming-Yu Lee
Paese di produzione / Production Country: Taiwan
Anno di produzione/ Production year: 2015
Durata/Length: 4mins47secs
Genere/section: Sperimentali / experimental                          

Miller was the famous University of Glasgow cat, also known as the Adam Smith Cat. He left us on Jan. 20, 2015, at the age of 18. He was there for me for 4 years. I thank him.