“Contemporary Animated Films in Italy: between images and music”


spokesman Andrea Martignoni


Andrea Martignoni was born in Bologna (italy) in 1961, graduate in Musicology with a thesis onsoundtrack in animation and in Geography with a thesis on soundscape he is a performer,sound designer, historian in Animation.He has created soundtracks for short animated films by Blu, Saul Saguatti, Michele Bernardi,Pierre Hébert Virgilio Villoresi Roberto Catani and others. He teached history of animation inFine Arts Palermo, and works closely with several international festivals with master classes,workshops, lectures on topics related to animation and soundtrack. He is often invited tointernational juries and selection committees throughout the world .Carries workshops together with Basmati A.C. and Ottomani Cultural Association promotes theItalian animated film internationally.He won the Golden Reiter for the best soundtrack to the 23 th edition of the International ShortFilm Festival FilmFest Dresden 2011 and Asifa Italia Award in 2010.



Palazzo Impellizzeri in via Maestranza, 99 a Siracusa (Ortigia)

December 27, 2014 -  07:00 pm