Thursday, 29 December 2016 00:00


AWARD FOR BEST FILM Jazz etude / Elena Gladkova / Russia / 2014


The film is an ode to creativity that is free, refractory to every rule or discipline. An ironic and intuitive film. The director with this work has managed to grasp the need for a people - possessing the art of music - has the ability to address proactively the system, sometimes suffocating, of the rules. A film that through the representation of the human capacity for fun can change the perception of the status quo to imagine a social change.



AWARD FOR SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY Le cimetière des marionnettes / Elena Molina / Spagna, Burkina Faso / 2014


The film deserves the award for the attention paid by the director to the theme of redemption (everything hinges on the idea of ​​"waste" and its "enhancement").



AWARD FOR ANALYSIS OF CONTEMPORARY Gyes / Duygu Nazlı Akova / Turkey / 2016


The film deals in a very original way the theme of urban transformation and the resulting change of the social scenarios in Istanbul. The director develops the theme of an original language which formally refers to the 70 structural cinema, with a still shot that becomes pictorial image in motion, typical of contemporary art. Through the reflection of the city and its sites it is generated image of Gyes, the mythological giant born of the union between Uranus (the sky) and Gaia (the earth), symbolizing the catastrophic fate of the ever-expanding megacities.



AWARD FOR INNVOATIVE LANGUAGE: Refugee camp / Saeed Naghavian / Iran / 2016


The director was very original and innovative while using a technology quite simple (a camera and a paint), a film without the need for the camera but only the video monitor; a virtual space, a working environment with all work tools; an idea that works with and by means of the whole desktop. A graphic film with a very strong message and present.



SPECIAL MENTION: Postcard to Godzilla / Louis Fried / Germany / 2015


For the particular combination of sounds and images reminiscent of John Cage's message and his thoughts on the concept of noise and sound. The film does not follow a precise plot, but the port at some point becomes animated and brought to life by creating a true symphony, almost a gig. There is lowered in an atmosphere a bit 'surreal (at times almost dystopian) made of silence and mechanical sounds, strident. And back John Cage ... the sounds are in fact an integral part of life, are in the world and they become sounds. These sounds sometimes fascinate us sometimes disturb us, as in this case. We could call this film the sound representation of a fleeting thought.