ARES Film & Media Festival is conceived and organized by Ergoform, a non-profit cultural company active since 2001 and engaged in the development of social and cultural projects thanks to the meeting of different professionals working in the field of project planning and management, cinema, art, design, art and culture promotion.

Its mission is to plan and implement activities that integrate economy, culture, art and society and are innovative in products and processes.

Strongly involved in development of knowledge economy, Ergoform organizes regular cultural events for the promotion of culture and social responsibility, multimedia languages, film and visual art, technological innovation applied to contemporary art.

In recent years Ergoform has asserted itself both in Italy and abroad for its ability to design organizational infrastructures, like the ARES Festival, capable of transmitting the triptych “innovation – visual art – culture” as an instrument for local economic promotion and social cohesion.

Ergoform is also founding member of the “Archimede” ITS (Higher Technical Institute) Foundation working in the field of innovative technologies for Cultural Heritage, the only Sicilian ITS in this specific field. Through the Foundation, Ergoform works on the promotion of technical and scientific culture, training and research in the field of technologies applied to Cultural Heritage.

Ergoform is also involved in construction and development of important partnership with national and international organizations and institutions working in the field of culture, art, multimedia, among which: Lalineabiancastudio (Syracuse, Rome, Berlin), gathering researches, architects, artists from all over the world working in the field of artistic architecture and planning of public spaces; the BNV Entertainment, one of the most important Machinima production company in Italy; Sciara Produzioni, a Sicilian Film production company and the Sicilian Regional Film Library.

Besides that, Ergoform has created a network with various international Film Festivals, both in Italy and abroad. Among these, in Europe: the Busho Film Festival (Budapest) (Tamas Gabeli, Director of Busho, is also International Coordinator of the ARES); Signes de Nuit (Paris) and La Boca del Lobo (Madrid), with whom ARES Film & Media Festival has created the transnational film circuit CINE TRANS EUROPE that tries to resist a cinema repeating the same kind of emotions and concepts, just following the dominating and reductive interpretations and patterns of story telling, but defends a "Different Cinema" looking for innovative and complex film languages able to capture the complexity of reality.

And then: Quest Europe (Zielona Gora, Poland), an international film festival addressed to young directors and aiming at exploring and promoting independent film productions; the Kimuak Programme (San Sebastian, Spain), annual programme of Basque short films, in collaboration with the Basque Culture Department and the Basque Film Library, aimed at promoting the diffusion of Basue short films (animation, fiction, experimental, etc.); the Festival international du film et video de Lomé (Togo, Africa), international film festival aimed at promoting film diffusion, new technologies and film productions focusing on youth.

Among the Italian partners, there are: the Rimusicazioni Film Festival (Bolzano), unique festival in Italy that selects and awards the best and most innovative contemporary soundtracks for silent films and the Asolo Art Film Festival, one of the most important and prestigious festivals in Italy concerning films on art, architecture, design.

Such a wealth and diversity of partnerships, both with organizations closely linked to the territory, with the aim to strengthen the identity and local capacity to create growth, and with national and international organizations, in a perspective of openness, exchange and contamination with other contexts, is an important added value for the Ergoform activities, for stimulating exchanges and, above all, for the expansion of economic-cultural energies and synergies and local economic and social development.