Submission to the ARES International Competition is free and open to all Italian and foreign video makers who have come of age. In competition short and long films – experimental, animation, art-videos, documentaries, etc – are eligible, except for fiction that will not be considered.

ARES International Competition has original selection criteria. In fact, the competition does not draw a distinction among film genres because we believe that an artistic work, whichever of the “forms” is used to make it, should be assessed for its quality, its value, the idea that generated it, the innovative language that it uses to speak to the world.

For this reason, the competition does not foresee specific genre awards, but cross awards aiming to bring out the character of innovation, originality, analytical ability and social significance of the different works included in it (Award for “Best Film”; Award for “Best Analysis of Contemporary Age”; Award for “Best work on Social Responsibility”; Award for “Best Innovative Language”).

Submissions for the 8th ARES Film & Media Festival are now open!